How Is TikTok A Great Medium Of Communication

How Is TikTok A Great Medium Of Communication?

TikTok is a china based application that has snowballed the internet world recently. It is one of the topmost installed applications globally, just like Instagram and Facebook. Let us know more about TikTok in this article. Check the following for your reference.

A Unique Social Media Application

Concept of TikTok: the application is a short video package that lasts for 30 to 60 seconds and contains pictures and audio in a single post. In this application, the central element is the music that gains the traction of viewers to buy TikTok likes, views, shares, comments, and so on. The video format can be changed depending upon the way it is captured using the smartphone. You can also use the edit options, filters, and effects if incase any edits that have to be made to your content. You can also add unique audio to your videos to make them more attractive.

On TikTok, you’ll find common challenges which ask you to be unique on a topic while listening to the very same audio. Next, you share your clip on social media using the challenge’s hashtag. Finally, the most innovative one will see their views skyrocket. TikTok’s unique concept sets it apart from various social media platforms, and its uniqueness is enticing an increasing quantity of users. The TikTok app was the second-highest purchased application globally in 2019, and the year 2020 appears to be no different. Throughout March, TikTok received over 65+ million installations as a result of current events that have limited the globe. The app currently has close to one billion subscribers, up from 800+ million in January. What is the TikTok objective? To foster creativity and a positive attitude.

TikTok’s Fascination With Brands

This increased popularity indicates a potential for marketers who are unsure how to utilise this new medium best. Because the application has many users all over the planet, it is an opportunity to increase brand image and reputation. Several firms have made the transition; the Poké House cafe in Brussels touts the restaurant’s youthful and unconventional idea. Nike, a well-known sportswear company, has expressed interest in the application by releasing films promoting its collaborations with several athletes. To revitalise the business and lure the Z generation, Levi’s has established a presence on social platforms. In the same vein, Clarins used the application to sell its goods to a younger demographic than its regular customers. And the end product is fantastic!

A Relatively Youthful Audience Was Present

TikTok’s viewership is mainly made up of teenagers. In 2019, over 65 percent of them were under the age of 30, and about 40 percent were under 20. If you’re addressing the Z generation, such media is a great way to promote the company. We’re mainly seeing fashion, health, and culinary firms take leverage of this increased visibility. TikTok has lately attempted to broaden its areas to include technology, athletics, and travel to reach a more extensive and highly mature audience.

Why design a TikTok communication strategy? The channel’s main strength is its ability to reach a big audience immediately. Furthermore, unlike Instagram, wherein influencers are communication specialists, now we have novice influencers who love to entertain. Topics are always treated with a sense of comedy, silliness, and mockery. Users who identify with your material are more likely to see it or even replicate it to share with their friends and family. However, brands should be willing to step outside of their routine and let go for a campaign to succeed.

On TikTok, Effective Communication Is Possible

Fresh, engaging, and, most all, unique content is essential to a company’s performance on this application. The keyword here is “creativity.” Producing exciting and amazing videos will pique people’s curiosity. Branded content seems OK on the TikTok app as long as it is interesting.


TikTok’s communication style is unlike various other social media platforms. You must offer and blend the facts and messages you wish to convey within the video. The video’s caption is limited to a relatively small amount of characters. As a result, there is no need to create a story for all of it. Please don’t bother with subtitled videos because they won’t function on this channel. Short messages can, however, be added to the video.